Best Teachers I have ever seen: Kazi Khaled Nizam of Rangunia,Ctg

Kazi Abu Mohammad Khaled Nizam is one of the best teachers and writer. He teaches primary school students, but thinks everything. He writes on every issues of current affairs, including prevailing problems and various discrimination issues of primary education system. He writes on the best practices of teaching-learning activities in the class-room, application of multi-media, techniques of using materials, styles of reading of all subjects, understanding Competency based Primary Education Curriculum, making students achieving all kinds of Competencies etc.
He also writes on various National and International Issues. Sometimes, he writes on Religious Issues, too. His columns on the various issues have been being published in the Local dailies of Chattagram and also in the National dailies, regularly.
He comes of a Teachers Family and Aristocratic Class of Rangunia. Almost all the members of his family are teachers. His younger brother Kazi Khaled Emran also started teaching profesion, who is now in the USA. They live at Mariam Nagar of Rangunia Upazila of Chattagram District. His father Kazi Momtazul Hoque was a Head teacher of Government Primary School. His uncle Kazi Sirazjul Hoque (AT) and his maternal uncle Kazi Zahirul Islam (HT) were also teachers.Many of their next generation are also teachers.  All of them are professional teachers and they are quite well-educated, dedicated, gentle, honest and conscious of socio-political issues of the society. They had passed their lives in Teaching Profession. They have built-up a good number of good citizen as well as good human beings. They can feel proud of their noble profession of teaching at Primary Level.
Mr. Md Khaled Nizam works at the Mariam Nagar Government Primary School. He has a number of good colleagues, namely; Mr Mohammad Shah, Mr Khurshed Alam and so on at the same school.  The Head Mistress Shyla Sharmin of the school is a good Leader and Manager. There is a Prominent High School at the same campus of his school side by side. Moriom Nagar Government Primary School is one of the good Government Primary School at Rangunia Upazila. A number of best and competent students use to pass out from the school each year who are fully prepared for the next level education system in Bangladesh. The school is one of the oldest Primary Educational Institution in the country. In this COVID-19 pandemic situation all the Educational Institutions are closed now, but the teachers are quite active and they have been following the directions of the Higher Authorities in-to-to. They regularly communicate with the students and guardians and use to closely monitor the Ghare Bse Shiki etc. teaching-learning programs.
The Nation needs a number of good, competent, dedicated and professionally committed teachers. Mr. Khaled Nezam is one of them. Go ahead, Mr Nezam with all of good efforts. Only advice to you; “ Please, do not go beyond your jurisdiction as you are a Government Employee.’
★Writer : Mohammad Shahidullah, AUEO, Kutubdia, Coxsbazar