God wrote in the sacrifice

A piece of four-piece god name has been found in the animal sacrifice of Dinmozur Abul Khair of West Sheikhpura village in Ramganj upazila of Lakshmipur.

 The locals are crowded to see the crowds. The fragments of the mosque were laid to the ground on Saturday afternoon after hearing the fatwa of the imam of the local mosque. According to local sources, the day laborers of Fakir’s house in West Sheikhpura village of the upazila offer a name like this every year.

On Friday afternoon, the day laborer’s wife, Ayesha Begum, picked up a slit for her son Mizanur Rahman after cooking. The name of God is seen in Arabic after seeing the piece of Mizra Ghost in his hand.

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Intimidated by this, after checking Patil’s Ghost, three more similar pieces were found.Mizan confirmed that the madrasa was read, the nephew Mitu Akhter and Peshwati Baitul Jannat Jama Masjid Imam Mao Shahadat Hossain were buried.

In a moment, as the matter spreads to the area, curious women and men gather in the hostel for a look.Day laborer Abul Khair said that on Friday evening, the Imam of the mosque came with everything in the country and heard that Allah wrote four pieces of food to wipe the ground and eat the other.

August 17, 2019 at 5:06:23 (GMT+06)